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A little more than twenty years ago, few people outside of Thailand had ever heard of Phuket. There were no hotels or resorts on the island's pristine beaches and virtually all roads were simple dirt tracks. There were also only three flights a week between Bangkok and Phuket. Today, there are wide bodied jets flying into Phuket almost on the hour.

Phuket is Thailand's largest island has been prosperous ever since the turn of the last century. Tin was discovered in Phuket in large quantities and it was the visiting Chinese, Indian, Persian and European businessmen who mined it to exhaustion.

Chalong Bay Fisherman
Chalong Bay Fisherman

Tin was then replaced by the lucrative rubber trade, which has since, over time, been replaced by tourism and luxury home and villa development.

Today, Phuket still remains the wealthiest province in Thailand with the highest per capita income and an annual influx of tourists from all over the world.

Phuket Tropical Jungle at Nai Harn
Phuket Tropical Jungle at Nai Harn

The island which was once a popular destination for backpackers seeking out remote destinations is now a cosmopolitan island with modern facilities and venues.

With its coral fringed coast and pristine beaches, Phuket is often referred to as the "Pearl of the Andaman". Surrounded by several other islands, Phuket is ideally developed making it a perfect place for business meetings, conventions or conferences, while offering a plethora of activities such as elephant trekking through the plush mountain jungles to sailing or deep sea fishing excursions.

Phuket Town Historic Buildings
Phuket Town Historic Buildings

Thailand is world renowned for its hospitality, a tradition passed down from the royal courts and permeating all levels of society. The culture is unique, combining traditional Thai with ethnic influences. Thai's are widely known for their sense of fun, the term "Sanuk" meaning fun or whatever makes you happy, is one of the first a visitor will learn. The cuisine is inspired and unforgettable, as will be your first visit to Thailand.